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Geo-information and Land Development

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Bastiaan van Loenen holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology, and a M.Sc. from The University of Maine (Spatial Information Science and Engineering) and TU Delft (Geodetic Engineering). Bastiaan is chairing the Geo-information studies theme group at the OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment.

Currently his main focus is on open data: the stimulation of re-use of public sector geo-information (PSGI). Other research interests include the development and assessment of Spatial data infrastructures (SDI), the assessment of access and re-use policies and legal aspects of geographic information (e.g., location privacy, harmonising licenses, intellectual property rights).
Bastiaan is chairing the legal and socio-economic committee of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI), is a member of the Geo-information infrastructure committee of the Dutch Geodetic Commission, participated as an expert in the European INSPIRE State of Play project and in the eSDInet+ project, and has advised several European countries on INSPIRE implementation. Van Loenen was in 2010 awarded the professor J.M. Tienstraprijs for most talented young Dutch researcher in the geo-sciences domain.
He has (co-)authored over a 100 publications including the co-editorship of SDI Convergence; Research, Emerging Trends, and Critical Assessment (2009), A Multi-View Framework to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructures (2008) and Spatial data infrastructure and policy development in Europe and the United States (2004).

For the Dutch MSc. programs Geomatics and Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA), he coordinates the courses on legal and organisational aspects of geo-information and geographic information infrastructures.

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Bastiaan is editor of GIM international.

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